Studio Policies 2023 – 2024

Studio Policies

The following policies are in accordance with those recommended by the Music Teachers National Association. 

Tuition: Payment is due in advance at the first lesson of each month. The instruction fee is s $160 per month regardless of the number of lessons taken during the month. This includes one half-hour private lesson a week and all recitals. A month’s tuition for 45-minute lessons is $240. Lessons missed by the student will not be deducted from the following month’s tuition. In months containing five lessons, there is no extra charge, and in months containing Cobb County school holidays, there is no deduction. 

Holidays: The lesson schedule follows the Cobb County School District calendar. 

Days of inclement weather/school closing will be made up by a group lesson at the teacher’s convenience. 

Absences: Clients are buying the teacher’s training, experience, and time. The lesson time is reserved exclusively for the student. With the exception of lessons missed by the teacher, lessons will not be made up. If a student has been absent, the student usually hasn’t had adequate time to practice for an extra lesson the following week. If a client wishes to discontinue lessons for a period of time, payment is required to reserve the student’s lesson time spot. 

Practice: The material covered in the lesson should be practiced daily at home. Theory and technique are also a part of practice. Beginners should practice for 15 minutes a day. More advanced students are expected to practice at least 30 minutes a day. Parents are encouraged to keep a check on the students’ assignment books and practice records. In this way, parents can follow the student’s progress. There is a direct correlation between practice and progress. 

Performance: Opportunities for performance exist and are encouraged throughout the year. In addition to recitals, ensemble concerts, solo festivals, and auditions are available to prepared students.