Kids are welcome to start classes starting ages 3-4 years old. Magic things starts to happen at age 6. Why are 6-year-olds usually readier than their younger counterparts for music lessons? They are more used to school routines, and they’re used to keeping still and concentrating on one thing.
They seem to possess basic reading skills, making note-reading and musical interpretation more intuitive. Their fine motor skills are further developed, leading to increased finger dexterity and two-handed playability.
Your first grader has possibly participated in a school music show by that point, which means he’s acclimated to studying and playing a piece of music.

Additionally I teach children with special needs. Children suffering from learning disorders, behavioral problems, physical or developmental disabilities or ADD.

Piano teaching with special needs requires patience, versatility, imagination and lots of love, care and attention.

I also teach Teens and Adults.